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Covenant Christian Academy (CCA) is a K-12 University-Model® school located in Warrenton, VA. Founded in 2007, the school offers a rigorous Christian education to families in Northern Virginia. Covenant serves 370 students and pursues excellence in academic, social, and spiritual student development. As a certified member of NAUMS, CCA offers a unique educational model that combines the best of traditional education with an exceptionally strong partnership between the school and the home. Lower Elementary students attend classes in the central classroom two days (K-3rd) and Upper Elementary & Secondary attend classes  three days a week on campus. Students continue their studies in the home-based satellite classroom on alternate days. Professional teachers assign and assess satellite work on a regular basis. 

Low student-teacher ratio allows for greater instructional effectiveness and better use of classroom time. Satellite classroom study is monitored and proctored by parents who foster incrementally greater independence and responsibility in the later school years. Parents work under the supervision and guidance of the professional educator (classroom teacher) who provides direct instruction in the central classroom. University-Model® students are well-prepared to responsibly manage the rigors of a college schedule, curriculum, and expectations. 


Mission Statement

At CCA, we equip young men and women to serve the Lord and glorify Him with their lives. Wherever they serve--in the world, in the church, or in the home--we strive to prepare our students academically, spiritually, and socially.

Academically—CCA students are creative, critical thinkers with a rich knowledge of God’s world, a strong work ethic, and a deep love of learning.
Spiritually—CCA students are God-focused, prayerful, biblically grounded, and engaged in service to others.
Socially—CCA students are valued members of a Christ-centered community where they practice giving and receiving love, discipleship, and grace.


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