Student Blog–What CCA Means To Me

Student Blog–What CCA Means To Me

A Blog Post by Journalism Student Michael, Grade 9

February 2016

Last summer, after I finished school, I knew that a change needed to be made in my schooling. I had been homeschooling for the previous six years, doing work at home and in various co-ops. I was tired of changing curriculum and classes every year or two. I wanted and needed consistency, and so did my parents.

Two of my best friends started attending Covenant Christian Academy in the fall of 2014. They were extremely happy with the school, and had developed great friendships with many of the students at CCA. They enjoyed the teachers and were excited to learn. I saw how happy they were with CCA and wanted that for myself.

I shadowed the CCA eighth grade near the end of the 2014-2015 school year. I knew instantly that CCA was the right school for me to attend. The students were so kind and accepting toward me, I felt like I fit right in. The teachers were all so nice and were very glad to teach me.

At the start of this school year, I met new friends who were also attending CCA for the first time. They made me feel even more accepted because they were also in a totally new place. The teachers were very excited to teach me and my classmates. I was blown away by how much Mrs. Sabia and the staff care for the CCA students and the school.

The student worship band is great and is an awesome way to start out each school day. Mrs. Sabia is an amazing speaker and is on fire for God. She is so inspiring to listen to and learn from. The morning worship and messages are fantastic and is something every teenager needs.

The basketball team is awesome to be a part of. It is the greatest feeling to go out onto the court and represent CCA. I love trying my hardest to get a win and become the best player I can be. During the volleyball season, it was a blast going to the games and cheer on the girls. I loved that they all worked together and never gave up, even though it was difficult.

At CCA, the students are amazing friends. Since coming to CCA I’ve met people who like the same type of music, books, TV shows, movies, and sports as me. We have fantastic discussions in Bible and health classes and have lots of fun during lunch! I am so thankful for all of the friends I’ve made at CCA!

I am able to help create the school newspaper, The Golden Eagle, because of my journalism class. I have discovered that I really enjoy Spanish and learning languages thanks to Senorita Martella. CCA is helping me reach my potential academically, is molding me to be a strong man of God, and is preparing me for the future. I am so glad that I am attending Covenant Christian Academy, and am so thankful for all of my fellow students, who are my best friends.

Golden Eagle Basketball
Golden Eagle Basketball