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“The staff is friendly and truly loves my kids! They greet my family with a smile each day. I love that I am the primary influence in my children’s lives and CCA is an extension of our beliefs. I am truly grateful that our children and attending CCA.”

“The teachers and staff are very invested in the students and ensuring they get a quality education. They take a lot of time to pick curriculum and make sure all required standards are met. They also encourage teachers to make learning fun and support parents on satellite days. The small class sizes allow teachers to know what each student needs and how they learn. Most importantly, the Christian atmosphere of the school gives parents and students a comfortable feeling and the knowledge that God is present in everything going on there.”

“I like the loving teachers/staff and educational philosophy that learning should be an engaging and enjoyable endeavor. I appreciate that the CCA staff and administration are continually growing and learning new things that support and improve the school.”

“I have never, ever seen my kid ENJOY doing her schoolwork like she has this year. She tells me new things every day that she has learned, and that she even really likes MATH this year, which has always been her least favorite subject. I so love her new school and it makes me happy that she is getting a great education and learning so much about Jesus AND I still get to homeschool her two days a week.”

“When our child started school we tried several educational settings, but she didn’t start to thrive until we came to CCA.”

“I get to play a role in the education of my sons and I am genuinely excited about that. God prepared a place for me and every day I wake and say: “Thank You.”

“I like that I can be part of teaching my children without having to pour hours into finding the right curriculum for each child, or spend hours mapping each child’s school year. I like that there is a team of educators that help me do this.”

“We love the book choices and the team teaching approach. I feel able to communicate easily with teacher. I feel the school has high academic standards and encourages the kids to reach for those goals. The teachers are very supportive.”



“What I like best about our school is the incredible teacher support from the administration and the amazing openness and willingness of each staff person to listen, support, and focus on what I need to do my job. Students are loved for their uniqueness, appreciated for their individual qualities, and nurtured in their relationships with each other and the Lord. I love this school!”

“One of the best parts of working at CCA is knowing I’m a small part in a big and wonderful plan the Lord is clearly growing right here in my own community.”

I am so thankful to be here!”

“One of the best things about working at CCA is the Godly staff and leadership with Christ at the center.”

“I feel very blessed to be a part of this ministry.”

“I really am enjoying working at Covenant!  You have really built an exceptional community.  The kids are so fortunate!”


“The teachers take time to pray with you when they see you are having a bad day.” –8th grader

“This year, I’ve learned my friends are not just people, they are my team!” –1st grader

“I like Bible [class] because I get to learn how to handle serious situations the way God wants me to.” –5th grader

“I like the independence I have to complete my school work on satellite days. I love the atmosphere of CCA. Everyone is very friendly and positive, including the teachers.” –9th grader

“I love that I have friends here and that I can learn more about God.” –4th grader

“I have heard some amazing prayer requests that you don’t usually hear from 10 year olds. It is amazing how close the students get. I love this school and hope I never change schools again!!” –5th grader

“[CCA staff members] are my family, they are very Godly women and they care more about your faith than your grades.” –8th grader