Official Press Release April 20, 2016

Official Press Release April 20, 2016


Covenant Christian Academy Accepted as Candidate for Accreditation

Warrenton, VA – April 20, 2016 — Covenant Christian Academy has been accepted as a candidate for accreditation by AdvancED, an international school accreditation organization. In addition, the school has been accepted as a member of the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE).

Assistant Principal Amanda Bryson said, “Our corporate body, the National Association of University-Model® Schools, is accredited by AdvancED and they have accredited many of our sister schools, so they are familiar with our unique educational model.”

There were several things the school had to do to prepare for the Accreditation Readiness Review on March 16th. Bryson said, “For the Readiness Review, we prepared several documents and hosted Mr. Will King, a representative of AdvancED, for a walking tour of the school. We provided copies of school records and answered Mr. King’s questions.”

“A few hours was long enough to convince me what an excellent school you have,” said King. He was only at Covenant Christian Academy for half a day, but that was all he needed to be convinced that CCA is a great candidate for accreditation. “While it is not one person’s decision to make, I have a very good feeling that Covenant Christian Academy will do an excellent self-evaluation, and will be recommended by the visiting team next year for accreditation.”

“Schools and students benefit by accreditation because they have to be really good to gain accreditation, with a plan for continuous improvement,” said King. “Teachers are well-trained and are qualified for what they teach.  The school has sufficient resources to hire the best and as many teachers and support staff that are needed.  There are policies in place for what to do in emergencies, and responding to emergencies is rehearsed frequently (such as fire drills). The school buildings are clean and well-maintained. The curriculum meets the needs of the students.” Colleges are more likely to accept applicants from accredited schools, because they have been proven to be excellent.

The school has also been accepted as a member of the VCPE. King said, “VCPE oversees accreditation of Virginia private schools. Boil it down to: When CCA is accredited, it will be accredited by AdvancED. AdvancED is a member of VCPE, so CCA’s accreditation will be recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said King.

Covenant Christian Academy is a University-Model® School currently serving over 100 students in grades K-9th. The school opened in 2009 and received national certification in 2015. CCA follows a unique educational model combining on-campus instruction two or three days a week with home instruction on alternate days. CCA students come from five different Virginia counties, and all educational backgrounds. Registration for the school is open year round. For more information visit their website at or call 540-680-4111.

Photo: March 16 Accreditation Readiness Review
Readiness Review