Student Newspaper October 2016

Student Newspaper October 2016


Covenant Christian Academy Student Newspaper

Oct. 18, 2016  Vol. 2, Issue 1

High School Electronics Elective Class

Students try out new elective choices

By Sienna S.

Many new elective choices are being offered to students attending Covenant Christian Academy, including Electronics, Photography, Introduction to Computer Science, and Intro to Business. All of these classes accompany great teachers whose goal is to help their student succeed in everything they do academically.

Computer Science, taught by Mr. John Tittle, has made four apps this quarter. Sophomore Michael, a computer science student, said, “Once we enter the classroom we all present our apps, then after we’re done with that we go over our engineering notebooks, which are very official and can become patented, and compare our ideas for the next apps.” This new elective teaches students to be creative and logical. “I learned how to work with many different personalities and use my skills wisely,” said Michael.

Photography, taught by Mrs. Heather Manzo, has a total of  ten high school students enrolled. This is the largest high school elective class at CCA. So what makes photography so special? Sophomore Rachel said, “Photography has helped my skills when taking photos. I’m even interested in majoring in photography.” She said that Mrs. Manzo has done a phenomenal job so far. “I am challenged. It’s something I’d never thought I would admit in photography,” Rachel said.

These are just a couple of the new elective choices. The other classes have received great reviews as well. To any rising high schoolers, note that high school is challenging, but your teachers will always be by your side to prepare you for the future.

CCA student count grows nearly 30%

By Alex H.

Growing from 105 students last school year to 145 students this year, Covenant Christian Academy’s population of new students makes up almost 30 percent of the student body.

These students come from a wide variety of schools, places, and churches, and each brings a unique perspective to our school. Five weeks into the new school year, how are new students feeling about the environment at CCA?

Sophomore Mikaylee, who attended another Christian school last year, says that the smaller class sizes really make a difference. “At [my last school] I had 68 people in my class, but at Covenant I have 10. You really get to know the people, and it’s a more relaxed setting, so I’m not afraid to ask questions,” she said.

Other students seem to agree that the people at CCA are a big part of what makes it special. Seventh-grader Christen, who was at another school last year, said, “The people at CCA are a lot more friendly.”

September Secondary Fellowship

Sophomore Jackson, who did online school with Liberty University the past year, further affirms what Mikaylee and Christen stated. “Last year the school I attended was strictly online. I had no teachers I could talk to face to face, and no friends to hang out with,” he said. “So far, CCA is the exact opposite. I have teachers that care, and friends who will stick by me through anything — even if I’ve only known them for a few weeks.”

With such praise after only a few weeks of school, CCA seems to be making a good impression on new students. Hopefully, the school will continue to please as the year goes on. Who knows how many more students CCA will bring in next year?